Coming May '20

Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness

The desire to feel connected to and accepted by others is built into us. We want to feel like we belong, like we are home. Pain separates us from that feeling.

Allison Alexander, SUPER SICK

Super Sick is a geek's guide to making peace with chronic illness. Not only is it full of personal stories (my own and others'), but uses examples from pop culture to demonstrate how sick characters should be portrayed in fiction. Read the full synopsis and sneak preview here.

Super Sick is coming May 2020.

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Allison Alexander

Author, Blogger, and Podcast Host

A writer and content editor, Alexander studied English at Canadian Mennonite University and Publishing at Ryerson University. She has ten years of experience mentoring aspiring authors, hosts the Mythmaker's Podcast, and leads a writer's guild. In her spare time, she can be found in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away, probably in the company of her husband and imaginary pet owl.