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The Story You Know... With a Twist

Looking to revisit the classics? Try this gender-swapped version of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley—it’s the original text with one “minor” adjustment—Victoria Frankenstein is a woman!

About A.E. Alexander

A.E. Alexander is a writer, artist, nerd, and 400 other things. From her home on Hoth (a.k.a. Canada), she builds fantasy worlds with a keyboard and a drawing tablet. She makes up for the shocking absence of cats and coffee in her life by spending time with her supportive partner and drinking tea. From her experience as an editor at a small press, she shares insights about publishing and writing on her blog, and in between art posts, she occasionally rants about living with a chronic illness on social media. You can find her co-hosting The Worldbuilder’s Tavern podcast or chasing otter penguins out of the Normandy.



Allison has worked as a journalist, a writer for pop culture magazines, and an editor. Now, she writes nonfiction books (about writing, faith, and geekery) as Allison Alexander and fiction novels (about elves, robots, and re-imagined classics) as A.E. Alexander.



Allison has been painting with acrylics since she was twelve. She was delighted to discover the magic of drawing tablets as an adult. You can purchase her premade covers, commission her to draw a fantasy map, or hire her to format the interior of your book here.

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In her spare time, Allison plays video games, roleplays as a dark-elf warcerer in Dungeons & Dragons, and enjoys board games. She's an avid Marvel and Star Wars fan, an earthbender, a wannabe dire wolf rider, and a Hyrulean. Check out her worldbuilding podcast!