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Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness

More than anything, this book is about courage—the courage to face your fears about your health and the courage to keep fighting for your dignity.

Toni Bernhard, Author of HOW TO BE SICK

Super Sick is a geek's guide to making peace with chronic illness. Not only is it full of personal stories (my own and others'), but uses examples from pop culture to demonstrate how sick characters should be portrayed in fiction. Read the full synopsis and sneak preview here.

Super Sick is available now.

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Invisible Ink

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Allison Alexander

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Allison Alexander is an earthbending Ravenclaw from Hoth who’s more comfortable curling up at home with a video game than venturing out into the wild. As an author, editor, and blogger, Allison aims to make spaces for minority characters in science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture. Also, she plays a bard in Dungeons & Dragons, so that should tell you everything you need to know about her.

From her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba—which she shares with her husband, Jordan—Allison writes books, edits novels, and mentors aspiring authors through a writer’s guild.