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Super Sick's Second Edition

More than anything, this book is about courage—the courage to face your fears about your health and the courage to keep fighting for your dignity.

Toni Bernhard, Author of HOW TO BE SICK

Part memoir, part research, part pop culture analysis, Super Sick exposes preconceptions and confronts biases about what it means to be human. Read the full synopsis and sneak preview here.

Super Sick is available now!

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How to Create Disabled Characters

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Allison Alexander

Author, Editor, and Blogger

Allison Alexander writes articles, edits sci-fi and fantasy books, and plays video games the rest of the time. She is the incurable author of Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness, an honest (and occasionally sarcastic) testimony about living with a chronic illness.

Alexander makes her home in Hoth, a.k.a. Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her husband and their giant collection of tabletop RPG manuals. You can also find her chasing bokoblins in Hyrule, traipsing with elves in Middle-earth, or blogging at aealexander.com.