The story you know... with a twist.

The Wayfarer's Guide to Worldbuilding

Hosted by Allison Alexander and the rest of the staff at Mythos & Ink publishing, this podcast is a tool to help writers build creative worlds. Each episode explores one facet of worldbuilding—such as drafting the perfect city map, making a monster, or building an ancient religion—and gives practical advice on writing these elements.

About A.E. Alexander

Allison E. Alexander graduated with a BA in English, a certificate in Publishing, and a typing speed that rivals Quicksilver. She’s worked as a graphic designer, an art director, and an editor. Now, she does writing and art full time. She lives in Hoth, a.k.a. Winnipeg, with her husband and their giant collection of RPG manuals.



Allison has worked as a journalist, a writer for pop culture magazines, and an editor. Now, she writes nonfiction books (about writing, faith, and geekery) as Allison Alexander and fiction novels (about elves, robots, and magic schools) as A.E. Alexander.



Allison has been painting with acrylics since she was twelve. She was delighted to discover digital art and the magic of drawing tablets as an adult. She particularly enjoys drawing maps and designing fantasy or sci-fi book covers.

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In her spare time, Allison plays video games, roleplays as a dark-elf warcerer in Dungeons & Dragons, and enjoys board games. She's an avid Marvel and Star Wars fan, an earthbender, a wannabe dire wolf rider, and a Hyrulean.