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Coming February 18, 2022

Making Myths and Magic

Fantasy author Shelly Campbell and editor Allison Alexander have teamed up to provide a comprehensive resource, distilling the information they’ve learned from years in the publishing industry. To keep you inspired and engaged as you grow in your craft, they take a deep dive through science fiction and fantasy novels, movies, and TV shows.

Within these pages, you’ll learn how to tackle structure, dialogue, tropes, diversity, mythology, riddles, prophecies, fantastic creatures, weapons, technology, magic systems, languages, and more!

Allison's Various Hats

Allison (she/her) is an editor, author, and geek. She graduated with a BA in English, a certificate in Publishing, and a 90 WPM typing speed. She makes her home in Hoth, a.k.a. Winnipeg, with her husband and their collection of RPG manuals.



Allison writes nonfiction books (about disability, writing, and worldbuilding) as Allison Alexander and fiction (about elves, robots, and magic schools) as A.E. Alexander.



Allison is the executive editor at Mythos & Ink, a publisher of science fiction and fantasy books for geeks, by geeks. She also does a lot of graphic design work for the company.



As one of the podcasts hosts of the Wayfarer's Guide to Worldbuilding, Allison loves digging into fandoms to analyze what makes them successful and how creators build worlds.