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Mythmaker's Guild

A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writer's Group

It’s dangerous to go it alone as an author. There are goblins and trolls and several-headed aliens that get in the way of your writing goals. Yes, you could do it alone (and those who do are admirable) but it's often more enjoyable with a community around you. Allison moderates The Mythmaker's Guild, a Facebook group for sci-fi and fantasy writers. Join the group to challenge yourself, experience community, participate in writing challenges, and more. It's free to join during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Advice from an Editor

Writing Tips from Mythos & Ink's blog

Allison gives advice on writing science fiction and fantasy from an editor's perspective. As a graduate of Ryerson University's publishing program and the editorial director at a small press, she has ten years of experience mentoring writers. You can read her articles for aspiring authors on Mythos & Ink's blog.

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