Jan 20, 2021

People look for themselves in the stories they watch, read, and hear. That’s why it’s been so exciting to see more people of colour, more females, and more sexual identities represented in books and TV. Similarly, people with disabilities and illnesses yearn to see themselves in their fictional heroes. Representation is important, but writers often…

Sep 24, 2020

When you mix working from home with insomnia and chronic illness, you get a sleep schedule like mine. I don’t fall asleep easily, and I hate lying in bed staring at the ceiling for hours, so I don’t go to bed until I’m tired. My bedtimes varies from anywhere between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m….

Aug 31, 2020

There are many emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles associated with chronic pain and illness. Lately, I’ve been wondering if my personality exacerbates certain issues, making me more susceptible to particular frustrations. Do I have a certain attitude towards my pain that is different from others? Are there things I can learn from my personality type…

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