May 11, 2020

Since I have several nieces, nephews, and godkids, obviously I use them as an excuse to read awesome picture books. Plus, I enjoy writing picture books, so I read a lot of them for *ahem* research. It’s not just because I think children’s stories are great. Absolutely not. Here are five of my favourites and,…

Apr 17, 2020

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my book, Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness. I wanted to write something that was candid about what living with a chronic illness was like, and have spent the last couple years putting this story together. It includes interviews with many other people who have chronic illnesses…

Mar 20, 2020

Since it’s a time to watch Netflix, play video games, read books, and otherwise distract ourselves from the world’s terrors, I thought it would be fun to do some blog posts about the books I return to again and again. Here are ten books I would bring to the apocalypse (or to a desert island,…


Thoughts from a chronically ill, geeky writer. Posts extremely likely to include topics like disability, feminism, social justice, sci-fi, fantasy, and video games. Put on your nerd hat, folks.