Terms of Service

1. Fees

The fee for a premade e-book cover design is $149 USD / $199 CAD. If the Client wishes to purchase a paperback cover design in addition to the e-book design, they agree to pay an additional $75 USD / $99 CAD.

The Client agrees to pay the Designer the complete fee upon signing this contract. The Designer will send the Client an invoice and payment will be made via PayPal. Final cover files will be released to the Client after receipt of the payment.

2. Confidentiality

All client information and materials, such as book title or back cover blurb, are considered confidential and only for use by Allison Alexander to complete a project. Client information and project materials will not be given out or shared with any third party, unless otherwise requested by the Client.

3. Design Services

Allison Alexander’s fee for a premade e-book cover includes the following:

  • One (1) JPEG file formatted for use as an e-book cover.
  • Purchases of stock images and AI-generated images for use in the book cover design.
    Digital delivery of the cover file.

Allison Alexander’s fee for designing a paperback book cover includes the following:

  • One (1) initial cover design, delivered after the Client fills out the design questionnare provided by the Designer, after the Client signs this agreement, and after Client has made payment.
  • One (1) rounds of basic revisions after the Client receives the initial cover design; this round of revisions only covers changes to the text in the case of typos or other textual errors.
  • One (1) paperback cover in PDF, which includes the front, back, and spine, set to the Client’s printer specifications.
  • An ISBN barcode created and placed on the back cover if needed. The Client must supply the Designer with the ISBN.
  • Purchases of stock images and AI-generated images for use in the book cover design.
  • Digital delivery of the cover files.

The book cover design does not include original artwork or illustrations, copywriting or text editing services, or anything else not specificed in the lists above.

4. Copyright Usage

The Client may use the book cover design as is, in any promotional capacity required, such as (but not limted to) bookmarks, banners, or posters.

The Client grants the Designer the right to use the completed cover for advertising purposes, such as displaying the design in their portfolio.

If the Client would like the ability to adapt—remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially—a permissions fee of two hundred US dollars ($200 USD) must be paid. In this case, the Designer will supply the complete layered Photoshop files to the Client.

5. Indemnification

The Designer agrees that they are the sole creator of the Work and have the right to use all images sourced from DepositPhotos.com (or other stock site) and from Midjourney. The Client understands that their cover may include art generated by an artificial intelligence, and that Midjourney’s Terms of Service grant ownership of the assets Allison Alexander creates to the Designer, as a Paid Member, but that these Terms of Service may change in future.

6. Credit

The Designer will be credited on the back cover or inside the book as:

Cover design by A.E. Alexander | www.aealexander.com

7. Project Completion

The Designer will provide the final files of the Work no later than the agreed date expressed in writing, unless unforeseeable events occur, through no fault of the Designer, that may delay production. These events included, but are not limited to, crimes against the Designer and illness.

If the Designer fails to provide the Work within one month after the agreed deadline, the Client may, by written notice to the Designer, terminate this Agreement and receive a full refund. In such event, no damages, suits, actions, or proceedings shall be claimed, instituted or maintained by the Client against the Designer.