Jan 20, 2021

People look for themselves in the stories they watch, read, and hear. That’s why it’s been so exciting to see more people of colour, more females, and more sexual identities represented in books and TV. Similarly, people with disabilities and illnesses yearn to see themselves in their fictional heroes. Representation is important, but writers often…

Jan 10, 2021

My favourite part of the live-action Mulan was the five second cameo by Ming-Na Wen at the end. Not a good sign. As I watched the movie on Disney Plus, I wondered if the writers had sat down and asked each other, “How can we take every single plot point from the original movie and…

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I’m a disabled author, an editor, an artist, and a huge geek. I often write about how disability is represented in fiction, including sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and anime. Check out my book, Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness.

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