Mar 3, 2021

I had an appointment with a specialist recently, but I could have been replaced by a blank wall, because she didn’t listen to anything I was saying. “I’ve been seeing a naturopath for almost a year, but the treatments haven’t been helping,” I said. “Well, it seems like you and your naturopath have those symptoms…

Aug 31, 2020

There are many emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles associated with chronic pain and illness. Lately, I’ve been wondering if my personality exacerbates certain issues, making me more susceptible to particular frustrations. Do I have a certain attitude towards my pain that is different from others? Are there things I can learn from my personality type…

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Allison Alexander is the author of Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness, the Editorial Director at Mythos & Ink publishing, and a co-host of the Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding podcast. She regularly writes about how disability is represented in fiction and reviews sci-fi and fantasy books.

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