Apr 28, 2021

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of diversity in fiction. This is why I was excited to see the diverse casting choices made for the Netflix adaptation of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. The Alina of the show is not how I imagined her, because she is described in the books as…

Apr 14, 2021

Most of us with chronic illnesses will have several, if not all, of the following things said to us during our lives. In fact, most of us have these things said to us on a regular basis—from strangers, acquaintances, friends, and family. Some of these responses are outright rude, but most are said out of…

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Allison Alexander is the author of Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness, the Editorial Director at Mythos & Ink publishing, and a co-host of the Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding podcast. She regularly writes about how disability is represented in fiction and reviews sci-fi and fantasy books.

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