Design Services

Premade Book Covers

$149 USD ($199 CAD)

The final cover will be optimized for web viewing and ready to upload to your e-book publisher(s) of choice. (Add $75 USD for paperback design.)

Interior Formatting

$0.002 USD/word ($0.0025 CAD/word)

The interior of your book will be formatted according to your specified dimensions, and I will provide you with a print-ready PDF and an EPUB file.

Custom Map Design

$199 USD ($269 CAD)

I’ll hand-draw a map of your fantasy world in Photoshop. You’ll receive both digital and print-ready versions. A region map is $199 USD; a world map is $299 USD. (Add $75 USD for colour.)


What's the Deal with AI Art?

Check out this article for more info on AI art and how I use it. TLDR: I use it as a tool and still heavily edit, paint over, colour-correct, and/or mash multiple images together to create my covers.

What's the process of ordering a cover?

If you see a cover you like from the available premades, fill out this form to claim it. I will send you the terms and conditions to sign and an invoice via PayPal. Once you’ve paid, I will send you the file(s) for approval and you will own a shiny new book cover design!

Can I Order an E-Book Cover and Add a Paperback Later?

Absolutely. Just email me in future when you want to add a paperback design.

How many revisions do I get?

When you purchase a premade cover, you are buying the cover as is; the only changes you can request are to the text (i.e. I will replace the placeholder text with your author name and book title). One revision to the text is included, in case of typos or other textual errors. 

If I purchase a premade cover, can someone else buy the same design?

Nope—it’s yours, and I will mark it off as sold on my website.

Can I Hire You to Design a Custom Cover?

Only if you have purchased a premade cover from me and want a second cover for the series in a similar style. Custom covers start at $199 USD for ebook and $269 USD for ebook + paperback. I’m not available for for custom covers otherwise at this time, but I will update this page when I am open.

What software and tools do you use?

For book cover design, I generate images using an AI app called Midjourney. For interior formatting, I use a program called Vellum. I also use Photoshop and a Wacom drawing tablet. 

What's a Region Map and What's a Full Map?

A region map is a 6″ wide by 9″ tall map of a region (think a closeup on a specific area in your world). A full world map can be any aspect ratio and can include multiple continents.