Gender-Swapped Fairy Tales

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1. Briar Ambrose (Based on “Briar Rose”)
2. Little Green-Cap (Based on “Little Red-Cap,” a.k.a. “Little Red Riding Hood”)
3. The Dwarves and the Shoemaker (Based on “The Elves and the Shoemaker”)
4. The Wishing Fish (Based on “The Fisherman and his Wife”)
5. Basil (Based on “Rapunzel”)
6. The Hobgoblin’s Name (Based on “Rumplestiltskin”)
7. Seven Sisters, Seven Ravens (Based on “The Seven Ravens”)
8. The Twelve Dancing Princes (Based on “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”)
9. The Strength of a Lion (Based on “The Fox and the Horse”)
10. The Frog Princess (Based on “The Frog Prince”)