Midjourney Prompts Database

Hello, friends. I didn’t realize so many people were actually using this database! I had just made it as a resource for myself, and I’m glad others found it useful. Due to an ethical issue with the way Midjourney has trained its AI, the backlash from artistic communities, and my desire to stand with artists whose copyright has possibly been infringed, I am stepping back from using AI art professionally; part of that includes taking down this database. I’ll be making a blog post soon with more details on the why and the ethics if you’re interested. However, I’m not here to make judgements on those who continue to use Midjourney (I love AI art and hope to return to it when things are changed). I received a few messages from people asking where the database had gone, so I made a text version with all my the prompts from my database that you can download here; make sure to save it locally if you want to keep it; it will stay up for about a week.

Thanks for understanding. Here’s to being kind to each other throughout a very contentious debate.