Cartography Terms of Service

1. Fees

The initial fee for custom region map is $299 USD. The initial fee for a world map (which includes up to three continents) is $399 USD.

The Client agrees to pay the Artist a twenty-five percent (25%) deposit of the initial fee upon signing this contract and the outstanding 75% upon completion of the design. Any extra costs incurred during the making of the art will be added to the second bill (see below for the list of extra costs). Payment of the second bill is due within ten (10) business days of the Client approving the final art. Final files will be released to the Client after receipt of final payment.

The Client agrees to pay any of the following extra costs if incurred:

  • Additional revisions. One (1) round of minor revisions is included in the cost of the map creation. A fee of twenty US dollars ($20 USD) per revision will be charged for additional revisions beyond the original round. A minor revision is defined as a request for a small change (such as a city moving to a different location or the fixing of a typo) from the Client and completed when the Artist sends a revised file to the Client.
  • Rush. Work to be completed within four weeks of the date this contract is signed, if the Artist has stated in writing that she is available, will constitute a ninety-nine US dollars ($99 USD) rush charge.
  • Late fee. A late fee of thirty US dollars ($30 USD) will be added to any final invoice that isn’t paid within ten (10) business days of the final invoice date.
  • Colour. The Client agrees to pay an additional $99 if they would like their map in colour instead of black and white.

2. Cancellation Policy

The Client may cancel this agreement by providing written notice to the Artist. The deposit of fifty percent (25%) of the final fee will serve as the cancellation fee if, for any reason, the job is canceled or postponed before the final stage. One hundred percent (100%) of the total fee is due despite cancellation or postponement of the job if the art has been completed. Upon cancellation or kill, all rights revert to the Artist.

3. Publishing Rights

If the Client provides any images for the design, the Client acknowledges that they have obtained all rights and permissions to publish materials to be used in the project. They will be solely responsible for the materials and the validity of copyrights, trademarks and ownership claimed by the Client. Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Artist from any libel or copyright and permission infringement action resulting from materials the Client provides.

4. Confidentiality

All client information and materials are considered confidential and only for use by the Artist to provide a quote or complete a project. Client information and project materials will not be given out or shared with any third party, unless otherwise requested by the Client.

5. Art Services

The Artist’s fee for designing a map includes the following:

  • One (1) initial map, provided as a JPG upon the agreed upon date after the Client signs this contract.
  • One (1) round of revisions after the Client receives the initial map.
  • One (1) JPEG file, formatted for digital purposes, of the final art.
  • One (1) PDF file, formatted for print purposes, of the final art.
  • Digital delivery of the files.

6. Copyright Usage

The Client may use the map as is, in any promotional capacity required, such as (but not limited to) bookmarks, banners, or posters. The Artist agrees that she will not sell the same map art to anyone else.

The Client grants the Artist the right to use the completed art for advertising purposes, such as displaying the art in their portfolio. The Artist reserves the right to display any version of the map that was created during the process if they feel it is a better representation of their skills and work.

7. Indemnification

The Artist agrees that she is the sole creator of the Work. The artist attests that she does not use AI art generation apps, such as Midjourney or DALL-E, in her process. 

8. Credit

If the art is to be used in a print project, the Artist will be credited as “Map by A.E. Alexander.”

9. Project Completion

The Artist will provide the final files of the Work no later than the agreed date expressed in writing, unless unforeseeable events occur, through no fault of the Artist, that may delay production. These events included, but are not limited to, crimes against the Artist and illness.

If the Artist fails to provide the Work within one month after the agreed deadline, the Client may, by written notice to the Artist, terminate this Agreement and receive a full refund. In such event, no damages, suits, actions, or proceedings shall be claimed, instituted or maintained by the Client against the Artist.