Marveling at the Enneagram to Create Dynamic Characters


When creating fictional characters, you often start with a vague idea about a personality. Perhaps she’s sarcastic. Perhaps he’s shy. Perhaps they’re arrogant. While this is a great place to start, the Enneagram can help you go deeper. A system that divides personalities into nine types, the Enneagram explores why people act certain ways, describing fears and motivations. It’s full of useful ideas you can pull from to create believable characters. The more you know about the inner workings of your characters’ minds, the better you can portray them on the page or in a game.

Written with authors and role-playing gamers in mind, this resource guides creators through each number’s motivations, fears, and desires, including ideas for obstacles and character development. And since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of characters we know and love, each section focuses on a Marvel hero as a case study.

Note: This is a short resource, only available as an ebook.


978-1-7770878-0-7 (ebook)

Phoenix Quill Press

January 21, 2020