Art and Nerdy Resources

For buy links to my books, go to the “Books” page. This page features my other creative projects. During my spare time, I love to draw and make resources for writers and gamers. 

T-Shirt MockUp_Front

T-Shirts & Apparel

One day, I decided I wanted to play with the phrase “Chronic illness warrior” by mashing it with D&D. Now, the whole series of shirts (which you can also get as buttons, mugs, etc.) is available, along with some other nerdy designs.

sorcerer sheet mockup - updated

D&D (5e) Character Sheets

I like using paper sheets in Dungeons & Dragons, but I couldn’t find one organized in a way I wanted, so I made my own! P.S. They’re class specific—just like you’ve always wanted!

square map image

Fantasy Maps

I draw pre-made fantasy maps using photoshop and a drawing tablet. They’re designed to 6″ x 9″ dimensions so authors can use them for their books, and I leave space for naming the map and cities. 

Canva Template Product Images2

Logo and Social Media Templates

I make logo and social media packages for authors and businesses on a budget. They are easily customizable in Canva, and I include both wide and square post templates for various social media platforms.